When you hire Air Fresh Duct Cleaning for your HVAC services, you are supporting a true mom-and-pop business in Aurora, Illinois. We see you as a customer rather than an account, and we genuinely want to help you optimize your ventilation system. Our customers are our shareholders, and you are the people we strive to make happy. See what some of our past customers have had to say.


In August of 2019, we moved into a home which had a deep smell of smoke. The quality of the air concerned us as my husband has a serious health condition. A friend recommended we contact MJ from Air Fresh Duct Cleaning. Kevin came out and cleaned our ducts and installed an Oxy 4 Air Purification system. The Oxy 4 Purification System scrubs the air and surfaces keeping it clean from a variety of viruses and odors. In 2020, we were all impacted by the Sars-Cov-2 global pandemic. I felt confident that our home and my family were protected. I contacted MJ to ask about the Oxy 4 system and it's protection against Covid and I was not surprised to learn that a recent 3rd party test showed a 99% inactivation of the Covid virus in 2 seconds. Airfresh is professional and honest. I highly recommend them. Everyone should have this Oxy 4 system!

Tracey Hosey

Great people to work with. MJ is easy to talk to and very explanatory. Kevin, who did the job, was extremely professional. They did a great job on my house, found a mouse nest in the ventilation I had no idea about. Afterwards my heat had more airflow and cycled on less than before.

Chuck Glassford

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

MJ was incredibly helpful and kind to squeeze me in when his company was already booked months in advance. I had just purchased a house for my college-aged daughter and I discovered that the former owner was a heavy smoker! After sealing the walls with KILZ and replacing the carpets, there still was a distinct smoke smell. In came Kevin and Air Duct Cleaning to the rescue! In one morning, Kevin did his magic and now my house has zero smoke smell! Kevin was thorough and professional and I appreciated how conscientious he was about safety during the pandemic. Even the heat in the house is now warmer and better distributed throughout the house. I am a VERY satisfied customer and I recommend Air Duct Cleaning to anyone who wants a tough job done right!

Daniel May

If I could give 10 stars, I would! I called Air Fresh Duct Cleaning because of a referral I received from a local acquaintance. After reading the Air Fresh website, I was pleased with all of the information they provided online. When I called to schedule my appointment. MJ, the owner, was not only very pleasant, but extremely knowledgeable about the entire duct cleaning process. He told me many scenarios that "could" happen, but never tried to upsell me on anything. Today the gentlemen came to do the work, and they were PHENOMENAL! Not only did they do an incredible job at cleaning out my vents, but they told me about everything they did and why they did it, and found problem areas that we would have never known about had they not come to our home. They treated my home as if it were their own; they did a great job cleaning the vents, and even used a Swiffer on my floor to clean up a mess that another contractor left behind while he was working! These guys are truly professional, know exactly what they are doing, went above and beyond any of my expectations, and really went out of their way to help me address some other issues we learned of because of their thoroughness. And the best part is they are a green company that uses SAFE cleaning processes that are not bad for your home or the environment. Hats off to MJ, Kevin and the rest of their crew. We will be recommending Air Fresh to everyone, and will definitely use them again!

Andie Groff

I am so incredibly grateful to Air Fresh (Kevin) Duct Cleaning for coming to my home today to inspect and correct a very dangerous dryer duct clog situation we had allowed to accumulate due to our negligence as new home owners and busy parents of little ones. Lesson learned no matter how busy life gets we cannot neglect the basic maintenance our homes require. Thanks to Kevin for pointing out the severity of the issue, explaining everything to me and taking the time to correct the day of before something terrible could have happened. I feel much more knowledgeable as a home owner thanks to my experience with your company today.

Jamie Hall

A five star experience with the air duct cleaning at my house today. The company is local, experienced and  employee friendly. The main guy on the job- Joe was thoroughly knowledgeable and explained not only the cleaning process, but also about our furnace and humidifier and made some changes. I consider this as a benefit without extra cost compared to some of the other companies. I think, I have found my company for future furnace and air conditioning needs.

Sally Mulaikal

Kevin was fantastic! He went over and beyond anything I expected and fixed a few issues that he found. He was profession and informative about the entire process (we had our house ductwork cleaned).

Nathan T.

I truly could not have found a better local duct cleaning company, for the price provided. Owner MJ, and employee Kevin, took such great care of my house. They even went above and beyond, using way more materials than they originally proposed, but still stayed true to their original number they provided me. After removing 6 bags of material from my ducts, my house is finally a breath of fresh air to walk in to. I very highly recommend this company to anyone who is considering.

Dylan Fuller

Kevin at Air Fresh walked us through before starting and made some suggestions as to what needed to be done. Our ducts have never been cleaned and really needed to be sanitized. Did a great job and the house never smelled and felt cleaner. Thanks for the great work.

Joseph Marino

I called Air Fresh on Monday and spoke to MJ he was very nice . He talked to me for awhile and asked what was going on. He scheduled an appointment for Wednesday. One of his workers came, Kevin. He noticed the problem right off.  I had a flash fire. So happy I called him It could have been so much worse. I  do need to get a new dryer, however he cleaned the dryer vent from inside to out. I am so glad I called them.  Kevin was so nice. I recommend this company. I have already mentioned this to a few other Homeowners in my area.

Louise Foreman

Just had Air Fresh Duct Cleaning out to clean all my HVAC Ducts and Dryer Vent.  So glad this has been completed as I have many allergies. Seeing the amount of dust and dirt when the covers came off and then spotless after being cleaned and anti-microbial application treated.  Kevin did a great job and took the time to explain the process to me.  Thank you so much.

Susan Clark

What an experience!!!  Air Fresh Duct Cleaning did an awesome job with my air ducts.  They were very informative, explained everything that was being done, showed me everything that was done, made sure my husband and I understood their process and using green products was an extra bonus.  The best part of my experience with Air Fresh Duct Cleaning they were very personable.  They showed they cared and made us feel at ease knowing we would have and had a job well done.  I would definitely use their services every time and recommend them with a five star rating. Thanks MJ, Kevin, and Mike for doing an awesome job from start to finish.

Donna Johnson

We had a great experience with Air Fresh Duct Cleaning. They are professional, reliable and care about their costumers. Kevin and Mike came to our House and did a phenomenal job post remodeling duct and vent cleaning. The house had just been repainted. They removed the vent covers without any damage to the paint. We will work with them again in the future.

Petra Kohler

Kevin came out the morning after I called and did an absolutely amazing job on my air ducts and dryer vent.  I am looking forward to using their custom lifetime filter as well.

Brian Cota

Kevin came to our home on August 15th to clean our dryer vent. Our new washer and dryer was installed a few days prior, the delivery man removed the old dryer,  we were shocked at the build up of lint, etc. that was in the bottom of the vent, told us could have started a fire! We did have all our house vents and dryer vent cleaned about three years ago, reason we were so shocked at what we seen. Lucky for us my husband called Air Fresh Duct Cleaning to ask price and procedure.  He spoke with the owner, who by the way was on a very big fire caused from a dryer vent. Even though this man was extremely busy he took the time to speak with my husband and explain procedures that we were not aware of. Kevin did a marvelous job, took time to make sure the vent was cleaned and the clay, and bird nest along with the bird who flew at him were entirely gone. This was our very first experience with this company but it will not be our last!  This company knows their business and there is absolutely no guess work when you deal with them. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional and above all honest!! As I said before we did use another company before we found Air Fresh, but never again!! Thank you so much for making two seniors feel safe.

George & Marilyn Mace

Great job by Kevin cleaning the ducts in my home and ridding the old pet odors that had been hanging around! These guys take their job seriously and explain everything they are doing. Don't waste your money on those mailer coupon places!

Donna Brady

I cannot say enough about the professionalism and commitment to their customers. We moved into a home where the previous owner was a heavy smoker. After discussing with our options, we decided to have our ducts cleaned and to install the air purifier. I did lots of reading and researching and their product is top notch. Now that we have done this, all smells have gone away, our eyes are not red and it smells clean in here! My daughter has asthma and my husband has a major health issue. I recommend Air Fresh and their services to everyone!

Tracey Hosey

Mike & Kevin were awesome! Kevin went through the house and explained everything. He addressed any questions & concerns. He had a great attitude and was easy to talk to & converse with. My house is now cleaned & sanitize! Thank you so much! Will be using them again! 100% sure!

Elvira Mendoza

My fiancé and I used this company to get our vents and ducts cleaned out and the overall experience was amazing. I spoke with MJ for the most part and he was extremely personable and made me feel good about them coming to our house with our puppies. Kevin came to our house to do the job and he did a wonderful job and he was able to show us things and give us advice moving forward. When I came home from work it was like I was in a whole new place, I could already tell a difference and it smelled so good! We are extremely happy with their services! I will definitely be using them in the future for any of my air duct needs!

Andrea B.

I had a wonderful experience with Air Fresh Duct Cleaning. MJ was great in assisting me over the phone, listening to my issues, and researching solutions that might work best. Extremely professional and thorough. Kevin visited my home this morning. On time! Took his shoes off! Wore a mask! Extremely professional and thorough. He did and outstanding job cleaning my dryer vent thoroughly and explained everything he was doing along the way. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend Air Fresh Duct Cleaning. They have been in business for 26 years and know what they are doing!

Karin Scheidt

Plainfield, IL

Air Fresh Duct Cleaning is much more than an air duct cleaning service. They cleaned my ducts after a large home renovation. I have never written a review before but now I am compelled to do so. It is difficult to describe how responsive this business was to my needs. They asked a lot of questions which was helpful in their understanding of my needs and wants. When they arrived to complete the work they knew exactly what was going to be done and how to do it. They explained everything to me before they started at the end of the job they did everything they said plus other things they found along the way. The price was to the penny of what the estimate was. I absolutely cannot recommend this business highly enough. Fantastic job gentleman. Thanks.

Tom Kubatzki

Based on a personal recommendation, we selected Air Fresh as the company to clean our ducts following a major remodeling project. We found them to be professional and knowledgeable concerning indoor air quality and we appreciated their answering our questions and understanding our needs. Following the cleaning, we decided to have them install an air purifying system.

Diane N.

Great service, as soon as I walked in the house I noticed it smelled so clean. The tech was very polite and explained everything to me.
I would definitely recommend to anyone that needs duct cleaning.

Veronica Maldonado

I moved into an old hoarders home that also had many cats And the place smelled terrible. They helped me in many ways and couldn’t of been nicer. I had no allergy moving in and the Air Quality was night and day. They made sure I had everything taken care of from the furnace, carpet, furnace and washer and dryer. They were honest and treated me like gold. I saw how much they retrieved and that would of all been in my lungs. I cannot thank them enough for it all. This company is top notch. They are thorough, on-time, cleanly, caring and added a few things in to make sure I was safe without charging. This kind of service is rare and I will refer them to everyone I know. Thank you guys so much!!

Deb Karakourtis

MJ and his staff were outstanding! I work in a different aspect of the construction industry and their professionalism, on time, knowledge and explanation to a customer who is unfamiliar with what was required was outstanding. I would highly recommend them. Prices were reasonable and let’s just say the junk they got out of my dryer vent was unbelievable! I asked about furnace filters and I bought them through them and they installed one. In fact I am a handicapped senior citizen and they even replaced the lightbulb in my closet. They are truly a full-service company. In 26 years of business they have far more positive ratings than that are listed here. But the computer Rating program starts over after 500 positive reviews. They wouldn’t be in business for this long if they didn’t have a happy clientele that loves to refer other people to them.

Cathy Reinhardt

Phenomenal job and amazing customer experience! I needed duct cleaning in my home for smoke damage and post construction debris. Talked to a few companies and got various price quotes. Called Air Fresh and spoke to MJ and he was knowledgeable in what he does and offered all the services I was looking for. His price quoted wasn’t the cheapest but he was fair and upfront in explaining what all was included in the price and I had no surprise charges. He sent Kevin to clean my ducts and mold was discovered in the furnace and the ducts. Also due to ongoing construction, my place wasn’t ready for duct cleaning when he came out and we had to reschedule. He didn’t even charge me a service fee for his time. Kevin went above and beyond to make sure I ordered the right filter and explained what needs to be done about the mold before he is rescheduled again. I called a week later to reschedule and needed them to come out right away. MJ and Kevin rearranged their schedules to fit my job in during a very busy week. Kevin did a phenomenal job cleaning my furnace. He made sure to clean all the debris in and around it, disinfected the entire unit due to mold, and made the air breathable before we moved back in. I had a really good experience dealing with them and I will definitely be coming back for their services in future.

Reshma Fatima

MJ and Kevin are amazing! Kevin went around our whole house and cleaned the vents, air ducts, and removed the wasp nest outside near the master bathroom. They had the OXY 4 Air Purification and I looked into it and wanted it to be installed (works very good!). He knew exactly what to do and I am very happy with the results, and without any doubt I would definitely recommend them. They are also very straightforward and professional with their service!

Thank you so much guys!

Elvira Mendoza

MJ and Kevin are awesome, Hands down!! I have a 2 year old baby at home and I had my house to cleaned up fully (the vent and duct), they know what they are doing and I could see the professionalism and experience as soon as they walked in to the house. They not only clean the house they also recommend what you need and what's good for you and your family. Kevin one of their crew was fantastic, he explains what he is going to do and explains every single detail of the job. He answered all my questions with patience and I was amazed with his work and quality. Thanks MJ and Kevin for your work and helping me and my little one breathe fresh Air. It means a lot to me. I will recommend any one who is up for their house cleaning due to use Air Fresh Duct Cleaning service. They are just Phenomenal.

Suresh Kumar

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

From the first call with MJ to Kevin who did the job, I experienced nothing but easy and amazing customer service. I did this service for my mom since it had been many years or had not been done at all since they have been done and with covid-19 I wanted everything clean. They were outstanding. He said it might take a day or 2 to get all the air circulating to really feel the full effect, but right now, an hour later, the house feels 💯 cleaner. Up front pricing. Timeline was on point. Showed up exactly when they said they would. Outstanding customer service. Oh! And they spoke to me like a human. Fully explained everything in terms I would understand!!! Where else can you get this kind of excellent service! Thank you Kevin and Mj!!

Jessiy Rewleg

I originally contacted the company that installed my OXY4 unit because it needed annual service. They quoted me $175 which I felt was too high. So, I contacted Airfresh for a quote via their online system. It was late on Saturday night, so I thought I would probably hear from them on Monday. A few minutes later I received a text message from the owner, MJ! We texted back and forth regarding my unit and ended up with a voice call. I found out that Airfresh is premier seller/installer of OXY4 units in the Midwest. Airfresh's price for the service is much lower. He also determined that I paid too much for the original installation and assured me that he would help in any way to ensure I was taken care of. His top tech, Kevin, was sent out that week. Kevin found a few issues with the original installation; including that the unit was broken during installation and was defective. He was so angry about the poor job that was done, but said I needed to go back to the original installer and request a new unit or refund. Both Kevin and MJ walked me through what was wrong and coached me one what I should expect from the original installer. They said if there were any issues they would step in and help to ensure I was properly taken care of. MJ kept in contact to see what the outcome was. Luckily, in the end the original installer gave me a new unit at no cost to me.
  1.  I am so impressed! Airfresh's follow up is great!
  2. I was contacted immediately on a Saturday night after their office was closed.
  3. The care and concern that was given to my situation was above and beyond what I expected.
  4. When I felt helpless, they assurance me that Airfresh would step in to make if right if the original installer would not help.

Monique DiVarco

Absolutely amazing company. When I was told by a dryer repair company that my vent was blocked and that was my problem, I called this company at 5:59pm, when they were closing at 6pm. The owner, MJ answered and was beyond helpful. This problem of mine was greater than a clogged vent, but this company came back multiple times to help me solve a problem that someone else created. They are honest and caring. They are beyond knowledgeable. I am beyond thankful for MJ and Kevin. I will be using them this Spring for duct work!

Kerri Rowland

Kevin the project manager came out and was very informative, he explained the entire process and did a fantastic job. I noticed the difference in the air quality and can easily see the difference in the increased air flow after my ducts were cleaned. These guys use the latest technology to not only clean, but measure air flow, sense for mold issues and clean and sanitize your ducts and dryer vents

Jazzman N.

Was so pleased for the quality of Air Fresh from Joe, the owner, to Kevin, the project manager, to Sam and Jason, the technicians. Their team went above and beyond to make our home a pleasant and safe place to live. Will recommend them to everyone!

Kevin Holly

I had an emergency due to the venting of the dryer, I called another company who couldn't do the job. Then I called  Air Fresh Duct Cleaning and Kevin said he would be here at 5pm same day. He did a terrific job left my cellar sparkling clean. He is a very polite and friendly person. I am very pleased with the job he did. I saw on Air Fresh Duct Cleaning truck that they also do air purification with myself having allergies for over 40 years Kevin to the time to explain a GREAT product called the OXY 4 AIR PURIFIER that cleanses the air and clean the air I've had ultra violet lights before that never worked. BUT THIS OXY 4 IS AWESOME IT HAS CUT DOWN MY ALLERGIES 100% GREAT PRODUCT WORTH EVERY PENNY. Thanks Air Fresh for giving me clean air in my home

Dorothy P.

MJ, Per your recommendation, after you cleaned our ducts in our home we had our ducts sealed with the Exclusive Duct Sealant product last week and my wife and I cannot be happier. We noticed a remarkable difference with the heat flowing to our rooms within minutes. Finally, our bedroom, which is above the garage, has nice, even heat. I honestly had no idea how inefficient our heat flow was until after the ducts were sealed. Plus, your installation crew was top-notch. They were very professional and they kept me informed of the progress throughout the day. I especially liked the pre & post measurements of the airflow they provided. I could understand clearly that my furnace would be operating so much more efficiently with the Exclusive Duct Sealant than before. Again, thank you for this recommendation. I am very pleased with the positive results. On a side note I was amazed at the way your company Air Fresh Duct Cleaning and Exclusive Duct Sealant Solutions Worked closely together on my job at my home (Air Fresh cleaned all my duct work and Exclusive Duct Sealant sealed my ducts. Two companies working as one flawlessly. With One Goal in mind. MAKING THE CUSTOMER HAPPY. Thanks a million MJ.


Geneva, Illinois

We have been enlisting in Air Fresh Duct Cleaning services for years now and could not be happier. We know that when the team comes out they are going to do a top notch job every time. It is especially important that the air in our home is clean and our air ducts are clear, because we have three small children. We want our home to be a safe environment for them in every aspect. Air Fresh Duct Cleaning is a great company and we appreciate all they have done for us.


Lake in the Hills

Thanks to Air Fresh Duct Cleaning we were able to rid our home of the toxins that were making our daughter's allergies worsen. After they came to our home we saw a drastic improvement in her health. We never knew what was lurking in our air ducts were in fact harming our family. We are thankful for Air Fresh Duct Cleaning service and will be a loyal customer for life.

Janice & Mike


I just purchased my new home and the previous owners had several pets and they smoked. I knew the ventilation system in our new home was going to be full of pet fur, dust, etc. I called Air Fresh Duct Cleaning and they were at my house the very next day. They were professional and very reasonably priced. I was very pleased and would recommend them to my friends and family.

Sue W.


Thank you for such a wonderful job. After 12 hours of needed work, you made a huge difference with the air quality in our home, making us feel like we are living in a Resort. Your professionalism, workmanship, and knowledge of Air duct cleaning and air purification is no doubt unmatched in the industry. We have recommended the OXY 4 Purifier and your services to all our friends and family. Thanks again.

Mr. & Mrs. WONG

Batavia, Illinois

We started to realize the buildup in our air ducts, when we saw how filthy our register was. We were referred to Air Fresh Duct Cleaning from a friend of ours and are completely satisfied with their work. The crew was very friendly and explained the procedure to us. When we saw what came out of those vents, we were shocked. It is a good feeling to know that our home is clean from all that junk. Thank you Air Fresh Duct Cleaning!!!!

Mike M., Batavia


Service was Excellent. Team took the time to finish the job even though it was Late in the evening. MJ was Professional and also fixed something that he didn't have to, but Much appreciated.

Mr. Jeff M.


MJ and his crew were exceptional, professional and thorough in cleaning our systems. They worked many long hard hours here and were always trustworthy, polite and respectful of our home. My morning allergies are now gone.

Mr. & Mrs. F.

Park Ridge