When you hire Air Fresh Duct Cleaning for your HVAC services, you are supporting a true mom-and-pop business in Aurora, Illinois. We see you as a customer rather than an account, and we genuinely want to help you optimize your ventilation system. Our customers are our shareholders, and you are the people we strive to make happy. See what some of our past customers have had to say.

  • MJ and his crew were exceptional, professional and thorough in cleaning our systems. They worked many long hard hours here and were always trustworthy, polite and respectful of our home. My morning allergies are now gone.

— Mr. & Mrs. F., Park Ridge

  • Service was Excellent. Team took the time to finish the job even though it was Late in the evening. MJ was Professional and also fixed something that he didn’t have to , but Much appreciated.

— Mr. Jeff M., Roselle

  • We started to realize the buildup in our air ducts, when we saw how filthy our register was. We were referred to Air Fresh Duct Cleaning from a friend of ours and are completely satisfied with their work. The crew was very friendly and explained the procedure to us. When we saw what came out of those vents, we were shocked. It is a good feeling to know that our home is clean from all that junk. Thank you Air Fresh Duct Cleaning!!!!

— Mike M., Batavia, Illinois

  • Thank you for such a wonderful job. After 12 hours of needed work, you made a Huge difference with the air quality in our home , making us feel like we are living in a Resort. Your professionalism , Workmanship, and knowledge of Air duct cleaning and Air Purifcation is no doubt Unmatched in the industry. We have recommended the OXY 4 Purifier and your services to all our friends and family. Thanks again.

— Mr. And Mrs. WONG, Batavia, Illinois

  • I just purchased my new home and the previous owners had several pets and they smoked. I knew the ventilation system in our new home was going to be full of pet fur, dust, etc. I called Air Fresh Duct Cleaning and they were at my house the very next day. They were professional and very reasonably priced. I was very pleased and would recommend them to my friends and family.

— Sue W., Chicago

  • Thanks to Air Fresh Duct Cleaning we were able to rid our home of the toxins that were making our daughter’s allergies worsen. After they came to our home we saw a drastic improvement in her health. We never knew what was lurking in our air ducts were in fact harming our family. We are thankful for Air Fresh Duct Cleaning service and will be a loyal customer for life.

— Janice & Mike, Naperville

  • We have been enlisting in Air Fresh Duct Cleaning services for years now and could not be happier. We know that when the team comes out they are going to do a top notch job every time. It is especially important that the air in our home is clean and our air ducts are clear, because we have three small children. We want our home to be a safe environment for them in every aspect. Air Fresh Duct Cleaning is a great company and we appreciate all they have done for us.

— Jennifer, Lake in the Hills

  • MJ, Per your recommendation, after you cleaned our ducts in our home we had our ducts sealed with the Exclusive Duct Sealant product last week and my wife and I cannot be happier. We noticed a remarkable difference with the heat flowing to our rooms within minutes. Finally, our bedroom, which is above the garage, has nice, even heat. I honestly had no idea how inefficient our heat flow was until after the ducts were sealed. Plus, your installation crew was top-notch. They were very professional and they kept me informed of the progress throughout the day. I especially liked the pre & post measurements of the airflow they provided. I could understand clearly that my furnace would be operating so much more efficiently with the Exclusive Duct Sealant than before. Again, thank you for this recommendation. I am very pleased with the positive results. On a side note I was amazed at the way your company Air Fresh Duct Cleaning and Exclusive Duct Sealant Solutions Worked closely together on my job at my home ( Air Fresh cleaned all my duct work and Exclusive Duct Sealant sealed my ducts. Two companies working as one flawlessly. With One Goal in mind. MAKING THE CUSTOMER HAPPY. Thanks a million MJ.

— Mike, Geneva, Illinois

  • I had an emergency due to the venting of the dryer, I called another company who couldn’t do the job. Then I called  Airfresh Duct Cleaning and Kevin said he would be here at 5pm Same day. He did a terrific job left my cellar sparkling clean. He is a very polite and friendly person. I am very pleased with the job he did. I saw on Airfresh  Duct Cleaning truck that they also do air purification with myself having allergies for over 40 years kevin to the time to explain a GREAT product called the OXY 4 AIR PURIFIER that clenses the air and clean the airIve had ultra violet lights before that never worked. BUT THIS OXY 4 IS AWESOME IT HAS CUT DOWN MY ALLERGIES 100% GREAT PRODUCT WORTH EVERY PENNY. Thanks airfresh for giving me clean air in my home

— Dorothy P., Naperville